Who We Are

Allam for Marble & Granite is a private equity and investment advisory firm based out of Cairo regulated under Egyptian Investment Law focused on growth equity at medium sized companies around specific sectors.

Allam for Marble & Granite has a proven successful track record in Egypt as well as a promising expansion plan in the GCC. Capitalizing on our experienced project management team, we are able to beat the market benchmarks in both delivery time and quality control. Thus, our competitive edge is based on assuring cost optimization and delivering projects at premium value for money for our clients.

At Allam, to ensure that all the projects are carried at the maximum attainable quality and safety measures, we have a control division that ensures the quality, delivery time, financial budgeting and that the safety measures are applied for each and every project we carry.

Our Team

Allam has a delivered team that comes from complimentary practices needed for the successful operation of the company. The team expertise is not limited to the engineering and technical knowledge of the industry, but it also expands to cover the financial, legal and the investment aspects to leverage the performance of the company and guarantees the optimum value creation of all its resources.

Labor & Man Power

Allam has the capability to provide qualified skilled labors experienced over years in performing marble and tiles jobs and specified in the different scopes with the following quantities based on its track record in the executed projects: .

  • Mechanical Walls :20 Labor
  • Façade and external Walls :25 Labors
  • Landscape Tiles: 50 Labors
  • Internal Walls: 35 Labors
  • Internal Tiles: 40 Labors
  • Stairs: 20 Labors